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All Black Herringbone Tweed Pollution Mask


Important* Please check your size

The Black Herringbone Tweed face pollution mask is made from 100% pure wool, with suede finishing, black details and features our unique exchangeable anti-pollution MOTO air filter.


  • British Military Filtration Technology filters almost 100% of pollution, gases, and bacteria and viruses.
  • Great for people at risk of respiratory diseases, living in or travelling to areas with high air pollution/smoke levels.
  • Protection against harmful gases, odours, pollen, smoke, allergens and pathogens. 


  • Softshell lining
  • Adjustable nose trim
  • Black details
  • Breathable vents
  • Slim fit adjustable neck warmer
  • Adjustable black headband
  • Exchangeable MOTO air filter 

Cleaning guide

Dry clean only

Filter guide

Size S MOTO filter fits S & M masks

Size M MOTO filter fits L & XL masks

We recommend that the filter is changed every 69 hours of use in a busy city environment.

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All Black Herringbone Tweed Pollution Mask