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COVID-19 Coronavirus Anti-Pollution Face Mask

Contrary to what certain public health officials have stated at the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, there is in fact evidence of the exact opposite: that masks actually help prevent viral infections. Consistently wearing a face mask in public was associated with a 70% reduction in the risk of catching a respiratory virus.

The air you breathe isn't always high quality, by wearing masks which cover your nose and mouth and that use mask filters, specifically carbon filters which can easily particulate matter, means you can greatly reduce the pollution levels entering your body.

Even motorbike anti-pollution face masks, dust masks, surgical masks and bike masks are beneficial, however with our UK British Military Filtration Technology filtering almost 100% of viruses, including COVID-19. We'd highly recommend a Rare Bird London anti-pollution face mask to offer you increased protection when having to make those essential trips or travelling to work.

Along with face masks we also sell replaceable filters which are recommended to be changed after every 69 hours of use in environment and a number of different sizes of masks, including a Winter and Summer range.

The health benefits to wearing an anti-pollution face mask in large cities are huge, the latest estimate is that outdoor air pollution causes 4.6 million deaths each year across the world.

The World Health Organisation recommends to "cover mouth and nose with mask and make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask" which is how our masks have been designed.

Currently there is a worldwide shortage of face masks for health professionals and key workers, our masks offer an alternative that does not take away from emergency workers but can still protect the public.