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Air Quality - Code Red!

September 7th is World Clean Air Day.   Unfortunately on September 7th 2021, there was a CODE RED ALERT in the UK. Code Red is an alert level provided by Defra.  This alert level warns of moderate to high levels of ozone and particle air pollution. The short-term effects of...

Rare Bird London X Burn Up Company

The UK and the USA have always had a special relationship and this partnership is no different.  Transatlantic communities with a love of vintage bikes, joining together through high quality products.

It's better together

Over recent years, we have learned that the motorcycle community is a wonderful place.  The riders, the brands, the photography, the products and the shared ethos make it a market place we are proud to belong to.

Ride On - Breathe Easy

Lighter nights, warmer weather, group rides and roadside coffee stops.  These are just some of the elements that make summer riding quite literally one of our favourite things - ever!

Originally worn by cowboys and sailors...now you

Our motorbike culture inspired neckerchiefs are all made from 100% silk, feature one-off Rare Bird London designs and come with a hand-finished leather woggle included.