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Ride On - Breathe Easy

Lighter nights, warmer weather, group rides and roadside coffee stops.  These are just some of the elements that make summer riding quite literally one of our favourite things - ever!

But, unfortunately, it is not all good.  In the summer we have this notion of 'getting some fresh air', but in reality, in many of the cities across the world, we are actually getting the opposite.  Warmer weather leads to increased pollution levels Not just the obvious factors of more traffic on the roads, but increased solar radiation during the summer months produces more photochemical oxidants, especially ozone.

Our lightweight, breathable summer motorcycle masks are made from pure linen for comfort, but they still come with an integral and changeable military-grade, carbon activated filter.  All of our motorcycle anti-pollution masks come with integral filters which protect our riders against dust and pollution particles such as PM10, PM2.5 & PM0.3.

Our hand-finished summer masks are available in a range of colours to ensure you don't have to compromise your style to gain peace of mind and protection.