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Rare Bird London & Burn Up Co - The Perfect Combination

When planning our first major collaboration of 2021, there really was only one company we wanted to work with. 

Burn Up Company based in West Palm Beach Florida capture everything the Rare Bird London community cares about.  Exceptional bikes, a keen eye for detail and a great community focusing on group rides and meet ups.  Just like the London scene, but with better weather!

We could think of no better way to launch our long term collaboration with the Burn Up Company than to create a transatlantic themed vintage motorcycle t-shirt.  The t-shirt will feature a totally unique back piece design coupled with our new collaboration logo on thee front chest.  

Exceptional design, organic cotton and vegan inks.

This first edition limited print run goes on sale at the end of July 2021 and only 100 pieces will be available at launch.