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Originally worn by cowboys and sailors...now you

We have customers riding in the North Pole at the same time as customers riding in South Africa.  We have customers eating up the miles on their Harley Davidsons at the same time as customers completing their urban commute on a Vespa.  We have customers who only ride with mates on group rides for the coffee and banter at the same time as customers who only ever ride solo.

But, even with all these differences, our riders have one thing in common - style, and loads of it!

Our masks have become a go-to item, but we wanted to provide a wider choice of products for both on and off the bike....this is where our neckerchiefs come in.

Our motorbike culture inspired neckerchiefs are all made from 100% silk, feature one-off Rare Bird London designs and come with a hand-finished leather woggle included.  

We have taken the item made famous by cowboys and sailors and given it a modern twist for the open road riders and cafe occupiers of the 21st century - ride on!