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Air Quality - Code Red!

September 7th is World Clean Air Day.  

Unfortunately on September 7th 2021, there was a CODE RED ALERT in the UK.

Code Red is an alert level provided by Defra.  This alert level warns of moderate to high levels of ozone and particle air pollution.

The short-term effects of air pollution on health are now better understand than ever.  Individuals who are sensitive to to air pollution can even suffer health effects on a low pollution level day.

Air pollution has a range of effects of health.  Symptoms include:

  • Adults and Children with lung or heart conditions - It is known that, when levels of air pollutants rise, adults suffering from heart conditions, and adults and children with lung conditions, are at increased risk of becoming ill and needing treatment. Only a minority of those who suffer from these conditions are likely to be affected and it is not possible to predict in advance who will be affected. Some people are aware that air pollution affects their health: adults and children with asthma may notice that they need to increase their use of inhaled reliever medication on days when levels of air pollution are higher than average.
  • Older people - Older people are more likely to suffer from heart and lung conditions than young people and so it makes good sense for them to be aware of current air pollution conditions.
  • The general population - At Very High levels of air pollution, some people may experience a sore or dry throat, sore eyes or, in some cases, a tickly cough even in healthy individuals.

Motorcyclists in urban environments are exposed to increased levels of pollution on a more frequent basis than many other groups.  It is for this reason we created our motorcycle masks with integrated carbon-activated filter to enable our riders to breath easy and stay healthy on their rides.