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Rare Bird London X Burn Up Company

Burn Up Company based in West Palm Beach Florida capture everything the Rare Bird London community cares about.  Exceptional bikes, a keen eye for detail and a great community focusing on group rides and meet ups.  Just like the London scene, but with better weather!

It is easy for us to say why we collaborate with brands, but we are biased, so we thought we'd let Burn Up Co say why they agreed to become our latest collaboration partner:

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My personal appreciation for Rare Bird London stems from their ability to consistently release products that are well-stylized, well-constructed, and most importantly — highly functional.  I can also appreciate the fact that the materials are ethically sourced, which is a large factor when making personal purchases.

I began wearing a Rare Bird London mask at the onset of the pandemic.  Living in South Florida, we were hit particularly hard by Covid, so heavy precautions were mandatory.  I  had seen the RBL masks online previously, but they seemed especially apt at the time, which prompted me to reach out and inquire.
Being that I spend so much time on and off my bike, I was able to incorporate the mask with my typical riding regalia, and simply keep it on once at the destination (as per safety protocols). The construction and fit was extremely comfortable from the onset, so I’ve continued wearing the mask beneath my helmet during all urban rides (quite frequently, as our shop is located in a downtown area of the city). 

The “cafe racer” cultural trend caught the motorcycle community by storm a few years back, and since then, we’ve been inundated with a lot of “brands” selling quick and flashy products, but without much substance or long-term practical use-ability.  Bespoke manufacturers like Rare Bird London that create original, class items are in fact “rare” — as are companies comprised of talented, personable, and passionate individuals.

 Rare Bird London a company I’m proud to collaborate with. 
  • Vincent Anthony, Burn Up Company

If you have read this far, you have no choice but buy the First Edition collaboration t-shirt now available in our store.  Join our transatlantic community of riders - Apparel. Worn well. 

You can learn more about Burn Up Company by visiting their website here or follow them on Instagram here