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Air pollution deaths are double previous estimates, finds research

Researchers say dirty air is killing 800,000 people a year in Europe, and urge the phasing out of fossil fuel burning The number of early deaths caused by air pollution is double previous estimates, according to research, meaning toxic air is killing more people than tobacco smoking. The scientists used new data to estimate that nearly 800,000 people die prematurely each year in Europe because of dirty air, and that each life is cut short by an average of more than two years. The health damage caused by air pollution in Europe is higher than the global average. Its dense population and poor air results in exposure that is among the highest in the world. The new research, published in the European Heart Journal, indicates that while air pollution hits the lungs first, its impact via the bloodstream on heart disease and strokes is responsible for twice as many deaths as respiratory diseases..

Air pollution, the ‘silent killer’ that claims seven million lives a year.

At the Human Rights Council in Geneva, David Boyd, Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment, insisted that air pollution is a “silent, sometimes invisible, prolific killer” which affected women and girls more than men. This is despite the fact that the right to a healthy environment is legally recognised by 155...

Pollution map reveals unsafe air quality at almost 2,000 UK sites

Almost 2,000 locations across the England, Wales and Northern Ireland have levels of air pollution that exceed safety limits, according to a pollution mapreleased by campaigners. In 2017, the worst location for nitrogen dioxide pollution was Kensington and Chelsea, followed by Leeds and Doncaster. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is one of the most harmful...

Air pollution shines from this alarming map. Those aren’t city lights

Traces of burning outline a map of human settlement and industry in a haunting graphic released by the data analysis startup Descartes Labs. Silver patches and strands represent nitrogen dioxide emissions, a gas produced by combustion that contributes to acid rain, haze, and lung problems. While there are natural sources of nitrogen dioxide,...

One in three people live in areas that breach air pollution limit.

Nearly 18 million people in England live in areas where air pollution breaches World Health Organisation safety limits, a new study has found. Analysis of official figures reveals that 17.9 million – or one in three – NHS patients are registered at a GP practice where the level of particulates...

Air quality on London Underground '30 times worse than congested roads above'

Time to start wearing a mask on the tube?

Why is air pollution a problem?

Air pollution contributes to around 40,000 premature deaths in the UK each year and is linked to heart attack and stroke.

Is air pollution causing mental health problems?

What are the sources of air pollution?

#AirPollution is one of the leading causes of death worldwide and linked to #ClimateChange  The first-ever Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health is set to kick off on Monday, organized by @WHO and with participation of @UNFCCC #ClimateAction